Sharing knowledge is a great honor. In particular, I enjoy doing this in the form of an interview. Great questions might trigger unexpected answers. Here are some of my public interviews.

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Interview met koploper Michael Boelen, 2023, energiecoƶperatie Energiek Heusden, šŸ‡³šŸ‡± Dutch

My Linux Story: How an influential security developer got started in open source, 2021

Learn how I got started with open-source software development.

SecTools podcast with Michael Boelen, 2018

A podcast about rkhunter, Lynis, the project Linux Security Expert, infosec CFPs, and more.

Interview with Michael Boelen, author of Lynis and rkhunter, 2017

Some background on the Lynis project, Linux security, and its development. Interview from Secure by Default (Lorenzo MartĆ­nez)

How to Become a Black Hat Arsenal Master, 2016

If you ever get the chance to demo at the Black Hat conference, go for it. Prepare with the tips given in my interview.

BSD Magazine: Interview with Michael Boelen, 2015

Article about information security, trends, and my security company CISOfy. Full magazine can be downloaded for free.

Help Net Security: Lessons learned developing Lynis, an open source security auditing tool, 2015

Lynis is the open source tool, helping others testing security defenses on UNIX-based systems, like Linux. In this interview we discuss the project, but especially lessons learned of open source development. Interview by Mirko Zorz of Help Net Security

Interview with Michael Boelen (2009), 2009

Insights about information security, Lynis, and other projects. Interview by Giovanni Federico

Interview with Rootkit Hunter author Michael Boelen

My first big open source project was Rootkit Hunter. This tool focused on the detection of malicious software components, with specialization in systems running Linux and UNIX. Interview by Joe Klemmer of LWN

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