About Me

One day I discovered that you can like your work, but it will never beat true passion.

My passion is information security. As the founder of CISOfy, I consider security as a valuable business asset. It is no longer a cost to the business, but something that keeps your business going.

The daily news has covered many examples when security failed. It also shows security is part of doing business: if you don’t, you may get out of business. Still, many companies don’t perform their due diligence and simply hope for the best. My goal is to help others with tools and education, so individuals and companies can audit, analyze, and secure their IT environments.

Something about me and what drives me:

  • Opportunities
    • Location – Information Security is in demand, employment is easy (almost anywhere)
    • Impact – Safeguarding information, helping to create a safer community.
    • Money – Companies are willing to pay for good people with trust
    • Reach – Our product and tools are used all over the world
    • Demand – There is a high demand for information security knowledge, and it will continue to rise.
  • Learning
    • Endless – So much to still learn
    • Brain – Puzzling all day long to get things working, optimized and improved.
    • Blogging – Love to share
    • Speaking – Best way to learn yourself
    • Business – What a great rollercoaster
  • Perks
    • Flexible work schedule
    • Option to work from home
    • Travel opportunities
    • Safe work environment
  • Creative
    • Creating clean functional code and optimizing it, is a creative exercise
    • Side-projects to help others achieve more from their business
    • Always searching for more automation and improvements
  • People
    • Working with smart people
    • Networking with even smarter people.

Yes, I love my job. Well job, the things I do, and getting paid for it.

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It is what others say about your work that really matters