About Michael Boelen

Living in The Netherlands, and developing tools since an age of 10.  I’m the original author of several open source tools. You might know some of them, like Rootkit Hunter (malware detection for Linux/UNIX), or Lynis (security auditing and system hardening).

My experience is diverse, both in the type of companies I worked for, and also the acquired skills. I’m technical, yet find it pleasing to understand business and processes. Quality makes me happy.


Michael Boelen specializes in the field of Linux and UNIX security. He worked before as a consultant for several big companies, including T-Systems, Philips, and ASML. In 2013 started the security firm CISOfy, to support companies with their auditing, hardening and compliance needs. Michael is the author of several open source security tools, like Rootkit Hunter (rkhunter) and Lynis. Both seen in the toolkit of system administrators and security professionals. Other work includes supporting the CIS benchmarks, organizing the Dutch NLUUG conference, and writing articles. He is a regular contributor to the Linux Audit blog, and can be found on Twitter: @mboelen

Information Security

As founder of security firm CISOfy, most of my time goes into strategy and development. This includes working on Lynis Enterprise, and open source security projects.

Areas of expertise

Everyone has their own skillset. Mine consists of simplifying difficult things, help to structure teams, and enhance business processes.

Sharing Knowledge

My interests are within IT, specifically in the field of open source and Linux, combined with security. To get a maximum effect, I’ve created several open source security tools, and written 160+ articles on my Linux security blog.  I enjoy doing presentations when time allows.